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Team Building

What’s better than a zip-line, a trust fall and a personality test (besides the opening to a very bad joke)? A Game Show team building workshop! If you want to extract the best out of your workforce, you have to create an environment that fosters communication between employees as well as higher management. I know, I’ve been there! (Remember? I changed from a suit to a cape!)

The best way to do bring people together is with a fun, interactive and effective workshop focused on communication skills and collaboration. The latest technology teambuilding is “The Game Show” – an interactive, fun and engaging exercise that brings the popular TV game shows directly to your office!

From Game Show Mania (Jeopardy style) to In It To Win It (Minute to Win It style), you’re team will be collaborating and even fist-bumping in no time.

Not only do you get me as your game show host – who trumps Trebek anytime – you’ll get the set too!

Pick the one that resonates best with your company then let’s get started:

Game Show Mania (Jeopardy style)
Survey Says (Family Feud style)
Who Wants to Be A Game Show Maniac? (Millionaire style)
Wheel of Trivia (Wheel of Fortune style)
In It To Win It (Minute to Win It style)

If you’re ready for the best party in town, you’ve come to the right place!  Check your date now.