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Choice of inside or outside

Factors that can help decide to have an Inside or Outside Wedding and Reception.

Determining the factors between an indoor wedding & reception and one held outdoors can be a big choice.
Irrespective of which one you pick, each one can be turned into your dream wedding, although there are good and bad to either situation.
You should think about all of you’re wedding options, narrowing them down as you go.  The first thing to think about is the venue places you have. The venue itself might or might not have the choice of inside or outside, this will get you that much closer to deciding which spot to honor your “I dos.”
To start you thinking about your decision, I have listed some pros and cons that lays out the selection between an indoor or outdoor wedding.


Having an inside Wedding




You have no weather problems.  A big plus to an inside wedding is that there will be no nervousness or panic over unforeseeable weather, especially in Central Florida.  Rain will not be an issue, which many times it is here, the blazing Florida sun are also non-factors, which can equal peace of mind for you.  Although weather can play a role in photos and maybe transportation. Weather can play such a big worry point in an outdoor reception, particularly for brides. The indoor weddings for this factor alone are often chosen to shrink this factor.

Lots of decoration options.  Inside you have little restrictions that would stop you from decorating the venue just the way you want.  However, this is somewhat weather-based as well. The wind will not push over your centerpieces and misquotes will not attack your guests.  If you have small and fragile items for decorations, an indoor event is always the safest gamble.

Inside will be temperature control I hope.  Does the groom sweat in warm places, even in the winter?  Is your Grandmother always chilly, even in the warmer months?  If you are outside, there is little you can do about how warm or cold it is. Although you can always give out hand fans or ask them to bring sweaters.  Inside you control the temperature from the beginning of you’re wedding to the end of the reception.  Also you can seat the groom under the vent or fan and grandma away from them so she will not get cold.




Not enough room.  This can be an element for inside venues.  Depending on the amount of people coming this may not be an issue at all.  Fire code will tell you the maximum capacity. Another factor will be if you’re having a seated dinner or a cocktail reception.  The number of people attending will make a big factor in which venues to even look at.

Logistical will also must be taken into account.  A lot of inside places have tried to look at logistical issues. Larger events such as weddings could have issues with convenient parking, delivery ramps, docks, etc.  That can be challenging for vendors like myself trying to load in equipment for you’re wedding. However, that isn’t really your concern.  We are professionals, many of us deal with logistical challenges every time. We might be the ones to figure out this “con” for you. That is one reason why we ask in our first conversation if you have a place yet. Harder the location, the more likely a higher price.


Having an outside Wedding




It’s all about the ambience.  On that perfect night, when the stars are out and the weather is perfect, there is not much that can beat a outside event in central Florida.  Outside is where the vast majority of amazing receptions I have seen has taken place.  A night like that is well worth all that extra stress with the weather report, and everything else you may worry about.  I have never seen inside recreate the majesty of the indoors.

The simplicity of an outside wedding. Many times you can decrease the budget when planning an outside wedding for decorations.  Selecting a great venue with natural splendor of the beach and or countryside is more than enough to create the magical day and evening.

Some venues can give you both.  There are many places that offer the beauty of an outside wedding and the safety of a roof and four walls if you need a plan B. Although most inside area available with an outside venue is not typically big enough to host your entire wedding inside, it can offer some place for Grandmother when she gets cold or a calm place to sit and chat with friend from college at the reception.  Many times there is some kind of shelter that might include a small boathouse or greenhouse that is not big enough for more than a few guests.  Then again, the unplanned stroll down to the boathouse is exciting enough for many of your guests if they need a break from the dance floor.  It all adds to the charm of your special day.




Money.  Their might be few more costs that you should consider when hosting wedding outside.  If your outside venue does not have a tented space for example, I would highly recommend you rent one for the reception to cover dinner and the dance floor. Each of which you can rent separately.

Bathrooms.  Yes, outside weddings and receptions should have bathrooms close by, but those amenities could be placed in a building that is a long walk from the party.  For some, this is not an issue, however for those few outside venues with a long walk to the main building you will want to ask about it when you visit.

Fauna (yes I needed to use a big boy word).  So maybe the term “wildlife” makes you think of wild animals crashing the reception, however that is not exactly what I meant.  The outside wedding and or reception this can be reactive to the temperature, how close you are to water and the time of year will occasionally having you to deal with a bug condition.  Mosquitos are the most common “bugs” to show up uninvited to an outside venues here in central Florida.  Be sure to ask your venue if they have a game plan for those little beasts. Some venues have no issues with bugs, so just ask when you take a visit. This can show up also in reviews posted from a year back from you’re wedding date.

Vinny Juliao

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