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Who is Alex Howell MC and wedding DJ in Orlando FL and how can he make your reception into a party?
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A Little About Me

A Passion For Music…And You.

If you’re going to put the atmosphere of your big day into anyone’s hands you probably want to know a little about me.

My passion, understanding and obsession for music began at a early age. Even at 10 years old, I was mixing songs and creating my own version of Spotify, recording from the radio onto cassettes (who remembers those?). Imagining I was a DJ, I invited my pals over to jam out and dance the afternoon away in my room. I knew then I would eventually have quite a following. It took a while, but these cassettes started my passion for music and setting the tone for a fun day!

This passion for music never left me as I pursued other interests – like during my banking career. I was Clark Kent by day and SuperMusicMan by night – saving brides from traumatic DJ experiences across the globe!

I came alive while running in and out of phone booths between breaks saving damsels in music distress. One day, I decided to put an end to the number crunching career and pursue my childhood dream. Being a full time DJ and Emcee.

Over the years I have built a personal library of more than 13,000 handpicked songs on my laptop, and many complete albums. This kind of collection can only come from years of dedication, pleasure – and super human strength, of course.

I promise I won’t show up in a red cape for your reception. I can’t reveal my identity to your fans. The Clark Kent professional look and lots of starch is what you’ll see during your event – remember, the night is all about you!

With my positive thinking, flexibility, professionalism and passion for both my work and music, all you have to worry about is moving those hips and celebrating! I specialize in delivering music to keep the audience engaged and hosts at ease.

I have worked hard to build an incredible local network of dedicated wedding professionals, and I enjoy sharing events with talented caterers, florists, and more. A talented multi-tasker and Master of Ceremonies, I use the latest technology to improve my sound quality (you don’t earn the name SuperMusicMan by just showing up with a laptop).

I pride myself on my professional ethics and understand that my word is my bond, and that is why I am known as one of the “Best DJs in Town,” a.k.a. Clark Kent Gone Rogue, a.k.a. Music Stud, a.k.a. SuperMusicMan… okay you get the drift, now send me a message so we can get this party started right!

Professional Experience…

Before earning my DJ cape and saving parties from a terrible music experience, I managed teams of people in a busy call center. Fun right?! Seriously, I had to find a way to keep these hard (and often stressed) employees motivated and happy. Best training for a future DJ in my humble opinion.

I also helped coordinate corporate events and hire DJs. Working with a variety of professional DJs showed me what makes a DJ great – from start to finish. My role as a trainer gave me my stage presence and ability to command a room. Having owned and sold my own businesses, I know how to stay on time and on budget. Because of my extensive experience as an employee, manager, trainer, event planner, and business owner, I am committed to returning your calls or emails in a timely manner. I’m not just a guy playing music; I am a professional who takes my career seriously with the utmost passion in delivery and satisfaction. 

If you’re ready for the best party in town, you’ve come to the right place!  Check your date now.